Please Donate

I'm here to ask you to donate to the Drupal Ad Module Fund.

Pleas for donations are usually written to quietly guilt users into sending a little something for the value they've received.  I think that's backward, a confusion of which is the cause and which is the effect, a post hoc ergo propter hoc of marketing in the open source world.  Most of all, I consider it rude to give something away only to rattle a can with a few coppers in it to make the user feel awkward.

It is always gratifying to receive appreciation for work well done.  Just seeing the module used on thousands of sites is an amazing feeling and donations certainly reinforce that euphoria.  But, the reality is donations do more to inspire me to spend time improving the module than validate the work done already.  Really, psychologically, donations are about the future at least as much as for the past.

By donating, you help feed that positive cycle.

Now, before you donate there are two things I need you to know.  First, please don't send bugs, feature requests, or support requests in the notes of the donation.  Those all belong in the Ad Module Issue Queue on the main site.  Second, please realize that a donation won't make me work on your bug first or today or by some deadline.  If you have time-critical needs for features or fixes, contact me (John Franklin) or Jeremy about custom development or a support contract.

Please use the Donate block on the left to provide financial support to this project.  The donation will show up on your credit card statement as "PAYPAL *AD MODULE".

Thank you for your support.

John Franklin
12 May 2011